The Fundamental Core Business Of Google

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Google has been ranked in 2014 by Forbes as one of the most reputable companies in the world. It has been about 15 years relative to the compilation of this document that Google was founded and has since progressively synchronised itself with the technological revolution that has transpired over the period and is still transpiring today. The founding of the company was conspired in academic dogma, as both founders were graduate students at the time of its conception. It is with tremendous astonishment in which we had witnessed this start-up business become such a great success since a great proportion of “start-ups” fail. The essence of the mission of the company is stated as; “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. The fundamental core business of Google is being a search engine with revenues generated from search related advertising. Additionally, Google has expanded beyond its core offering with a few technological inspired products and services. Notwithstanding Google’s tremendous success, it is not a monopoly and as such there are credible competitors operating within that same market space. These competitors include; Yahoo!, Microsoft, eBay, etc.
To that end, an intensive analysis was embarked upon which utilized the management analytic tools which include; SWOT and Porter Five analysis as well as the Key Success Factors. A consequence of these analysis is shaping the context to which the company is
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