The Fundamental Elements Of Nursing

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Fundamental Elements of Nursing Many nurses have different philosophies in nursing. One factor may be their life experiences that create different outlooks on their philosophy. There is no right or wrong answer in each philosophy, as long as it is with compassion to help patients. The philosophy discussed will be based on the current progression of one’s own philosophy. The fundamental elements of nursing include: environment, patient and patient potential, family and family potential, relationships between society and health, health and wellness, and reason for existence of nursing. The environment of patient care can be in a variety of settings, such as: hospital, extended care faculties’, patients’ homes, and physician offices. One’s environment does not change how the care is ultimately delivered to the patient, but the environment can play a role in how the care is provided due to equipment that can be accessed at each setting. Another type of environment is the internal environment. “The internal environment is all forces of interaction influences internal to or contained solely within the boundaries of the defined client system; this is the source of intrapersonal stressors” (Kearney-Nunnery, 2012). The internal environment needs to be assessed and reviewed while caring for each patient to help the patient with their care and outcomes. The effects of one’s internal environment can change based on each individuals situations and can be ever changing, therefore, this
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