The Fundamental Issues Within The Romanian And Indian Culture

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In this essay I will analyse the fundamental issues within the Romanian and Indian culture, progressing then to understand the leadership that each culture creates and attracts. I will also present a set of potential solutions for each of them individually, and for working together, as well as make comparisons between my findings and Hofstede’s. Leadership in Romania is built upon the belief in a higher ordeal, therefore either on religion, or a feeling of servitude towards God, or for the benefit of culture. The leadership that appeals to people and motivates them to do more and be proactive, is the one that appeals to their inner sense of duty. If that is lacking, the only second best option within the national Romanian culture is the military leadership style. The later we have seen enforced for the past decades, and is defined by an enforcement of power; this is at the other end of the spectrum to the desired assuming of power and responsibility that duty is defined by, and Romanians so desire (Hurduzeu, 2015). Regarding the above mentioned as true, there are two major solutions for bringing positive change in Romania. People either learn how to draw their sense of purpose from their ongoing daily activities, - becoming leaders in their daily endeavours -, and therefore live and act in a way that reflects their sense and need of duty - or they wait for a national leader to instill this sense into them. This polarity of choice is described by our intermediate

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