The Fundamental Mission Of The National Association Of Social Workers

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Introduction The fundamental mission of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is to promote human well-being as well as to help meet the needs of all people, while paying special attention to the needs and empowerment of people living in poverty, oppressed and vulnerability. The social work profession focuses on human and societal well-being in a social context. The key areas of the profession are to outline the environmental forces responsible for creating and contributing to social problems. Social workers are tasked with promoting social change and social justice on behalf or with the clients. Clients in a social context include an organization, a community, a family, a group or an individual (Parker-Oliver and Demiris,…show more content…
NASW code of ethics Social work involves adherence to professional ethics. A social worker has the obligation to articulate the basic values, ethical standards and principles as he or she undertakes the social work duties. The NASW code of ethics provides the principles standards and values as a guide for the social worker conduct. The NASW code of ethics is relevant to all social professionals regardless of their professional functions, environmental settings and the population they serve. Ethical decision making is core to social work practice and must be upheld in incidents of conflict of interests among social workers. Ethical decision making apply an informed judgment among social workers and it should consider how different issues are judged in a peer review process where ethical standards of social work profession are applied. Ethical decision making is not a straight forward exercise as there are occasions where simple judgments are not available to solve complicated ethical issues (Elizabeth, 2012). Leon’s Two Worlds As a social worker practicing as a counselor, NASW code of ethics can be applied to effectively address Leon’s problem. To begin with, understanding of human diversity is central to this case. There is need to acknowledge and appreciate Leon’s culture including the way he perceives different religions. It is also
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