The Fundamental Software Engineering Activities

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1. Name and describe the fundamental software engineering activities.

The fundamental software engineering activities are as follows:
 Software Specification
 Software Development
 Software Validation
 Software Evolution
Software Specification: It is the activity where the organizational engineers and also the customers discuss the requirements of the stakeholders for developing a software product and also its operational limitations. This process is also known as requirements engineering.
Software specification also involve sub-activities whenever the developers need more detailed specification. They are:
• Feasibility study
• Requirements elicitation and analysis
• Requirements specification
• Requirements validation
Software Development: It is the activity where the software is to be designed and developed using programming i.e. converting the system requirement into executable software.
Depending upon the type of system being designed the activities may vary as follows:
• Architectural design
• Interface design
• Component design
• Database design
Software Validation: It is the activity where the developed software is tested for approval. Each and every phase of developing the software is verified to assure the quality of the product meets the customer requirements.
The testing process for large programs takes place in three different stages as follows:
• Development testing
• System testing
• Acceptance testing
Software Evolution: It is the activity where some…
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