The Fundamentalss Of Race By John H. Relethford

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Before I begin, I am going to discuss race. What is race? According to John H. Relethford, author of The Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology, race “is a group of populations that share some biological characteristics.These populations differ from other groups of populations according to these characteristics.” Skin colour is the major trait used to place people in different racial groups. This can be somewhat problematic because some people have the same shade of skin colour compared to another even though they are from different races. For example, someone that is Asian may have the same skin colour or skin shade to someone that is European. There are some other features that are used to classify people into races such as, hair texture and facial features. Race is a modern idea . Ancient societies divided people according to religion, class, status and language, not by physical differences. Race is socially constructed as society assigns people to different racial groups. A minority group is any distinct group in society that shares common group characteristics and is forced to occupy low status in society because of prejudice and discrimination . A minority group…show more content…
Race is associated with biology and ethnicity is associated with culture. Race and ethnicity can overlap but they are two distinctive concepts. There are four perspectives I am going to discuss namely, the functionalist, the conflict, the interactionist and the psychological perspective. The functionalist perspective. According to this perspective, race and ethnicity are two of the various parts of a cohesive society . The functionalist perspective views society as a complex system. It also focuses on the different contributions to social stability. The emphasis is on equilibrium and harmony. This perspective did not develop specific analyses on race and ethnicity, instead it viewed them as elements of society that contributed to its

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