The Funerary Model Of A Pig Sty

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For this first paper assignment I have chosen to write my essay on The Funerary Model of a Pig Sty. This artwork takes place in Ancient China around c. 2nd century BCE. It was designed and used within the Han Dynasty early in China’s history. These clay models like the pig sty and other burial goods had a hand in furthering the development of Chinas cultural heritage and beliefs. Within this paper I will be discussing my chosen MIA artwork, works that are similar but different to this artwork, and also how all three works, although all different, have the same purpose for what they have been made for. Then finally touching on how the context of the piece can change based on its surroundings.
When one looks at the Funerary model of a
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(MIA) The roofs are separated into four sections on both rooftops. On the square latrine roofs there are four triangles. While on the rectangular latrine there are two triangles and two trapezoids for the rooftops shape. I find that this adds to the depth of the roof giving this piece great detail. One can see this not just in the structure, but also in the details of the animals found in the pigsty model. For starters when looking around there are seven animals total. They are a boar or male pig, a dog, a sow who is feeding her three young piglets, and finally a bird. (MIA) In this particular model each animal is found doing something known for what that animal does in real life. For example the boar is outside the pen eating slop by himself out of a bowl. While the dog is above the boar on the walkway lazily sleeping his day away in what could be the hot sun. As one moves along within the piece and looks inside the pen one can see a sow that is really doing the most work in this model for she is feeding her three young piglets right in the middle of the pen. This is okay because her and the piglets are the only four in the pen causing a feeling of calm to the person looking at the work. Finally we move our eyes up and see a nest with a bird in it. This bird seems to be stretching his wings or cleaning them minding its own business. All these individual details make up one
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