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It was a warm March afternoon. I lay curled up on the couch completely engrossed in the works of Oscar Wilde. Suddenly a red rubber ball landed on my lap. I looked up to see the nine year old mischief maker grinning at me. The sun rays played on his dark haired body. The streaks of yellow seemed as though someone had sprinkled gold all over him. He wetted his nose and stared at me intensely. His piercing dark coffee colored eyes could make anyone feel uncomfortable. Marshal, the brilliant German Shepherd was trying to hypnotize me.
Marshal came in to our family when he was a mere two month old puppy. Since then, he has been my companion and best friend. Growing up he was the most mischievous dog one could ever imagine. Years of training
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So, I commenced on my ingenious plan to persuade mom.
It did not take me long to coax he, though she only agreed to have a look at the puppies. In my heart I knew that half the battle was won! That same evening we headed to the pet store. It was lined with countless aquariums housing a variety of fish. My eyes searched for the dogs but I could see none. The store manager informed us that they kept them in the other room. They had only one Labrador puppy available then. I waited patiently while they fetched the puppy. However, my patience soon ran out and I started wandering around the store. The fish seem to follow my every move; it was as if they could sense my eagerness.
In a few minutes a man emerged from the other room with the most adorable little wonder of nature nestled in his hands. The little guy shook his cream colored body and looked up at us with his bead-like eyes. In the instant that our eyes met, I could see the joy and exhilaration in them. As soon as the man set him down, the puppy ran towards us stumbling on the sleek floor. He started jumping around with joy while I patted him. The way he bounced around made him seem more like a little bunny than a puppy. The little pup had succeeded in winning over mom’s heart. I was jumping with joy when I heard her discussing the paperwork with the manager.
Unfortunately, the earliest we could take him home was the next morning. The pup was sad
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