The Fury Of Aerial Bombardment

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Onyekere 1 Chinelo Onyekere Julie Rea Eng 112 31-7-2014 “The Fury of Aerial Bombardment”, “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner”, “ Anthem For Doomed Youth and “ Dulce Et Decorum Est” Denotation and Connotation Denotation refers to the concrete meaning or dictionary definition of a word or words, while Connotation refers to the emotional implications and associations that words may suggest (Abby). The author of “The Fury of Aerial Bombardment,” which was published in 1947 is Richard Eberhart. He worked as a gunnery instructor in the U.S. Naval reserve (1942-46) and was a veteran of the Second World War (Gregory).The use of abstract and concrete diction allows the poet to express doubts about the nature of God and humanity while memorializing two students who died in the war. The author of “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner,” which was published in 1945 is Randell Jarell. He spent his early adulthood during World War II briefly as a pilot, but mainly as a trainer of pilots (Zames). The poem is about a man who is killed in a plane during wartime. The poet uses connotation to criticize the practice of sending young men to fight and die. The author of “Anthem For Doomed Youth,” which was published in 1920 is Wilfred Owen. He is chiefly known as one of the "trench poets" who, like Rupert Brooke and his friend Siegfried Sassoon,

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