The Futility Of Global Thinking

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It’s Your Decision: Concepts from “The Futility of Global Thinking” In “The Futility of Global Thinking” writer Wendell Berry gives the people of the next generation advice on the problems they may come in contact with, now that they’re on their own. Berry goes into great detail explaining what problems to look out for and what ideas to avoid when faced with a problem. He is trying to help steer the next generation away from the mistakes previous generations have made so they can truly make their own decision in how their lives are going to play out. One thing Wendell Berry wants these graduates, the next generation, to avoid is not to make the mistake of mislabeling things as “planetary”. One example he uses is how the environmental…show more content…
In “The Futility of Global Thinking,” Berry kind of comes to the big corporations’ defense. He uses the example of William Sound where, essentially, he says that it wasn’t just big corporations that put William Sound into one ship, the consumers demand for cheap and plentiful energy helped guide their hand. Berry is trying to prevent the new generation from making the same mistake previous generation have made, falsely dividing the world between the guilty producers and the innocent consumers. If we as the consumer only see the problem as the producers (i.e. big corporations) then we will not change our own behaviors and nothing will actually be solved. This is what Berry was trying to get these graduates to understand. Continuing on the topic of problems remaining unsolved, Berry mentions the reality of how people solve their problems. And the reality of it is, people don’t solve their problems. He points out the fact that a lot of people do talk about their problems, and even talk about solving them. But that is all they do. Berry words it as follows, “though we have been talking about most of our problems for decades, we are still mainly talking about them.” This I agree with. People always talk about how they will do something or change something, but when it actually comes down to it they do nothing about it. I mentioned this in an earlier paper about cocoa farmers. There was this
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