The Futrure of Nursing Theory

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The Future of Nursing Theory Discussion NUR 403 October 26, 2014 Introduction The discussion of the future of nursing theory addresses many different directions of nursing. We as nurses have different views, interests, and concerns about the future of nursing. In this paper, we will discuss the following; what has driven nursing theory development, what will drive future development in nursing theory, and how might nursing practice change as a result of evolving nursing theory? What Has Driven Nursing Theory Development? Nursing theories provide a framework for nursing care. The development of nursing theories is the fundamental step in building nursing knowledge, providing care, and nursing research. According to Jennings…show more content…
“An example of a testable middle-range theory derived from Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory might specify as follows: Self-care in AIDS patients is improved with adequate nutrition” (Alligood, 2010, p. 489). Future development in nursing theory is driven by the ever changing world that we live in, and theory-based practice. It is within our practice that we find errors, and it is within our errors that we may find better ways to practice. How Might Nursing Practice Change as a Result of Evolving Nursing Theory? As we reflect on how nursing theories have changed nursing practice today, we realize that nursing has truly come a long way. Today, nurses are better able to provide appropriate care because of theory driven practices. When using evidence-based practice, our goal is to provide patient care that will result in better outcomes, as opposed to caring for someone at random without a guide to follow. As stated previously, nursing theories provide a framework for nursing practice. With continued growth, our practice will continue to strengthen and provide safer, quality outcomes. The addition of new or enhanced theories will also validate the basic value of nursing. “As nurses implement theory-based practice with the theoretical works, development of the nursing profession continues, and nurses use substantive knowledge in service to society benefiting those whom we serve, that is, the patients” (Alligood, 2010, p.

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