The Future Business Manager Of Del Co

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If I will be the future business manager of Del Co., I have a responsibility to uphold ethical standards in my own action and decision. Moreover, I have to fulfill this responsibility by making sure that employees are aware of the organization’s ethical code and have the opportunity to ask questions to clarify their understanding. Additionally, I am responsible for creating and implementing change to a company’s ethical codes. These changes will help the company “right the ship” after a slew of mishaps and missteps, by both upper management and entry level employees. Del Co. is the auto-part company in U.S., the headquarter is located in Los Angeles, California. Our business supplies tires, seatbelts, and glassware for car manufactures to place on their vehicles. We have 20,000 employees from nationwide. Nowadays, the company needs to change the business’s ethical direction and the organization culture after any unfortunate events are occurred. There are three ethics issues which affect the company reputation as follow, “slush account”, “sexual harassment”, and “pollution problem”. They are necessary to find the solution as soon as possible. First, looking into more details about slush account, one of our staff accountants discovered the slush account that had very large deposits and withdrawals approximately $200,000 that were not traced to qualified or detailed expenses. After investigating this case, we discovered that the funds from said account were being wired to an
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