The Future Major And Potential Minors

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In the past three weeks, I interviewed three full-time faculty members across three different disciplines. The primary goals of this assignment were to explore a variety of disciplines in order to better understand your future major and potential minors and to introduce yourself to professors from those fields.
Dr. Carenen, a history professor, originally intended to be a lawyer, but fell in love with history as soon as she started taking upper history level classes. She went on to earn her PhD in European History and then worked in the publishing industry before getting her PhD in American History. She then decided to become a professor because she missed academia and loved to teach. As a professor in the history department, she
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Dr. Carenen, as a professor, has taken up her own academic research about Jewish fundraising during the First World War, and additionally wrote two books- one about Israel called Fervent Embrace, and another about terrorism. As far as creative activities go, students with history majors participate in activities such as the History Club, which is planning a trip to Washington DC at this time, and many of them also compete on the bowling team. Not to mention that global studies field courses are offered, such as the trip to Israel, Jordan, and Palestine that will be taken this upcoming spring. Finally, after graduation, students often attain careers as diplomats, lawyers, professors, business analysts, etc. Graduate school is advised in most circumstances before heading off to work. There, strong language and research skills and good relationships with professors are all looked at.
Another faculty member, Dr. Brown of the economics department, also received the same interview questions. She was initially a business administration major in college, but since she enjoyed math as well, she was told to consider economics where the two fields would be more-or-less combined. She thought that economics was interesting and the problems were challenging, and graduated as an economics major before pursuing her PhD to become an economics professor. In this department, students learn about
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