The Future Of America's Health Care System

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The future of America’s health care system looks bright with new innovations coming about. Advancements in technology, patient care, and access to care are all important factors to create a health care system suitable for American citizens. New health care reforms help shape our health care system to provide better care to all citizens. To implement these new reforms, the plan must be financially viable and be understood by those it effects. To improve the current health care system, new reforms should include ways to insure more citizens in a cost effective manner, offer insurance at an affordable rate, improve efficiency of the health care system, and provide higher transparency to the public. To present a health care reform, one must first find out what can be improved within a health care organization. For financial reforms, there is normally a focus on rebuilding an existing budget or making cuts so that funs can be put toward a new project. As for America’s current health care system, there is a desperate need to insure more citizens. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 has created a starting point for our health care system from which can progress. More patients with preexisting conditions are now able to obtain insurance thanks to the policy within the ACA of 2010. The focus now is reimbursement for physicians. One financial operating change that should be made to America’s current health care system is the reimbursement rate to physicians. According to the lecture

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