The Future Of Apple Inc.

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Introduction Apple Inc. has grown into one of the most valued companies in the world with their high quality, innovative and differentiating products. Apple has built a strong foundation for its efficient and fast growing business, over the past four decades, offering multiple products to meet consumer demand. The company designs and manufactures its’ products; including but not limited to the Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The business strategizes through a variety of techniques keeping competitors on their toes. The internal and external factors are measured by a SWOT analysis giving thorough insight of the company’s performance. The future of Apple Inc. looks very promising with its ever changing advancements in this technologically consumed world. History of Apple Inc. Apple Computer Inc., established in 1976, began as a computer based company in California, by a couple of college dropouts hanging out in their garage. The co-founders, Stephen Jobs and Steven Wozniak, had a vision to revolutionize the computer industry. Looking to change the world, Jobs and Wozniak took a risk, and sold a few of their possessions to get the capital needed for starting their business. Apple has designed various products; however, the iPhone was the table turner making Apple a global icon. iPhone Introduction The iPhone is a multi-touch functionality smartphone which launched in 2007 with many sought after features including internet services at the end of your fingertips. “iPhone is the
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