The Future Of Becoming A Cosmetologist

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The Future of Becoming A Cosmetologist Since the beginning of last year I had a thrive to become a cosmetologist/ Makeup Artist. From watching youtube videos, experimenting on my face and to now actually getting payed to do other females makeup. Everybody has their little temporary phases that they have but this phase is something that I have stayed clinged on to. I can go to the store and spend hours in the makeup section and nail section. Most of the the times I always wound up making a big purchase which gets me in trouble. I have always found cosmetologist/ Makeup artist interesting. My sister went to school to be a cosmetologist and right now that is her present day job. And she has gone far with being a cosmetologist. She mainly cuts hair.She will sometimes get payed to do other females makeup and she does acrylic nails on herself. But she mainly went to learn how to cut hair. If I were to enter this occupation I would want to mainly do manicures/pedicures and makeup. The reason this occupation interests me so much is because during my free time this is what I love to do as well as get payed to do other females makeup and nails but it is not about the money it is about letting me do something that motivates me as well just amuses me. In choosing to be a cosmetologist/ makeup artist there are many responsibilities and work that is needed to be performed. You have to “provide beauty services such as shampooing,cutting hair and styling hair.Apply makeup and…
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