The Future Of Development : America 's Urban Future

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The Future of Development in America Much has been said about the development patterns that are found throughout towns and cities in North America. In the New York Times, a post authored by Vishaan Chakrabarti discuses the trends facing American cities in the article “America’s Urban Future (Chakrabarti).” This article talks about the ways in which American cities are seeing resurgence in their urban areas, and new population segments are moving into once blighted areas. In order to convey the changes occurring throughout our communities, Chakrabarti relies on ethos and logos to provide a foundation for the information, and effectively uses pathos to convince the audience that they should care about the subject in question. Vishaan Chakrabarti is in a unique position when speaking about the topic of urban development. He is an architect as well as a professor at the Columbia school of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. While this detail is a mere footnote at the bottom of the article, it is really the only thing used to establish credibility for the author ("Vishaan Chakrabati"). As Chakrabati is well educated in the matter of urban development, this conveys that he is a source of knowledge and capable of constructing an article on the topic. His experience coordinating smart-growth development projects makes him a credible, if somewhat biased source of information. Throughout this article, Chakrabarti writes in a way that appeals to a neutral audience. The piece
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