The Future Of Earths Kidneys Tidal Marshes

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Sayleen Arocha South Florida Landscapes Prof.Bueno LAA5541
When we think of nature, many do not know that solutions exist within nature itself. Albert Einstein once said “Look Deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better”. The importance of protecting natural ecosystems has never been brought to light as much as in present day today. Humans are now trying to figure out ways to restore and protect natural ecosystems. I’m absolutely certain that we will succeed in protecting and restoring these natural ecosystems, we have the tools and technology to help us affirm and improve human life. Others must agree that humans have greatly fiddled and impacted the earth’s natural ecosystem in numerous ways. I really feel that the best way to deal with these problems is to focus on the natural systems that have the greatest effect towards the other natural communities. In other words, the community that holds the other communities together. As Da Vinci stated, “Everything is connected to everything else”. The wetlands are a natural community that is commonly overlooked. Many do not know how significant this community is. The tidal marshes became the most appealing when I discovered how this natural community plays a role in cleansing other natural ecosystems and controlling the water flow. The time has come to take action in truly understanding how important this natural community is and how essential it is to preserve and
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