The Future Of Fashion Retailing

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The future of fashion retailing is working competitively to bring what loyal customers want in stores. Not all fashion companies grow a company in the United States, but rather in different countries, such as Japan, Spain, and Sweden. From the Forbes magazine, writer Greg Petro discusses how three fashion companies, Uniqlo, Zara, and H&M, have expanded globally outside of their home country into the United States. Petro wrote an article back in 2012 about these three well-known fashion companies. Recently this past summer, Petro revisited all three fashion companies to see how successful their strategy has made their business and investors so successful. With the course content from the Contemporary Management textbook, competitive…show more content…
Uniqlo uses long lead times for their items, in order to have an effective outcome for the finished product. With this implementation, Uniqlo is able to form a longer relationship with manufacturing companies (Petro, 2015, Part 1). Instead of following what the latest trend is, Uniqlo has their own power to create the trendy style that will attract customers, versus customers demanding what they want to see in stores. As of last year, Uniqlo has only opened 20 stores in the United States. They do not want to take the risk of opening up a lot of stores in certain U.S. areas yet. As a part of their customer services in retail stores, they want to focus on the customers shopping within their store. Unlike many other retailers, Uniqlo wants to focus on their brick-and-motor stores and not yet on e-commerce. To have an effective store experience, Uniqlo makes sure that their employees are highly trained and management is on top of things to give customers the chance to check out the atmospheric experience (Petro, 2015, Part 1). Chapter Eight of Contemporary Management discusses the concept behind Formulating Business-Level Strategies. Business level strategies create a competitive advantage by allowing an organization to counter and reduce the threat of the five industry forces. For Uniqlo to gain higher profits, they must increase value to their designs. They increased their value by differentiating
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