The Future Of Higher Education Depends On Innovation

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Higher education is an ever evolving field especially is today’s fast paced society, and the way higher education is perceived differs depending on the person you ask. Henry Doss, a writer for Forbes, a popular business magazine, wrote a piece discussing the possible future of higher education as well as it current standing in today’s society. Doss’s article entitled “The Future of Higher Education Depends on Innovation” was clearly an argument for change, however, his article also aimed to start a discussion among his readers about the future and what may need to be done to ensure higher education be successful. To help create a discussion in his article, Doss interviewed Rick Beyer, a managing partner at Miles Howland Education Partners, an investment company that’s main focus is on higher education, and discussed Beyer’s current opinions, as well as his own, on higher education and what they see higher education becoming in the future. There was a goal in mind with this article, and that was for the audience to understand a different point of view on this issue, as well as create an opinions and beliefs of their own. Doss begins his article by posing the question “What does it mean to be ‘educated’?” which accurately describes the state of today’s higher education, an individual can take many different paths in the form of education in order to become successful. By posing this question, the author immediately begins a conversation with his audiences. Doss’s textual
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