The Future Of Holistic And People Centric Essay

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The Future of HRIS...Is Holistic and People-Centric The Future of HRIS...Is Holistic and People-Centric HR managers face great challenges such as managing attrition, encouraging retention and meeting ever-increasing demands from employees, customers and executives who want greater efficiency and HR input on achieving business objectives through hiring strategies and people management practices. HR departments often find their duties expanded to deal with empowered customers, key business suppliers, business associates and customers. Software solutions provide technical capabilities that many departments fail to leverage to their fullest potential while executives cut funding and reorganize departments to handle cross-departmental duties to streamline operations. This changing dynamic represents an epic shift away from focusing on talent and a shift to concentrating on people even though departments must use technological tools to accomplish their duties and stay competitive. Epic Shift In HR Priorities - Treating the Person and Not the Disease Today 's HR practices focus on engaging and empowering employees and key company stakeholders, and software solutions are expanding well beyond managing talent and into uncharted territories based on the needs of diverse companies and industries. Some companies buy stand-alone software for multiple tasks such as performance management, recruiting, payroll and other HR imperatives, but many companies are integrating their software
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