The Future Of Managed Health Care Delivery System Accountable Care Organization

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The Future of Managed Health Care Delivery System: Accountable Care Organization
Veronica L Nelson
MHA 628: Managed Care & Contractual Services
Dr. Hwang-Ji Lu
June 1, 2015

The health restructuring dispute has centered on compensating providers particularly more when delivering quality care to their patients than for enhancing the volume of services they provide (Ries, 2014) Accountable care organizations (ACOs) is a single proposed way of altering compensation methods to accomplish this objective by generating encouragement to enhance care coordination and clinical integration (Thygeson, Frosch, and Carman, 2014).
Accountable care organizations (ACOs) try to find to ways to redesign the method of care is
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Providers could shape these ACOs willingly. On the other hand, they could be practical ACOs acknowledged during analysis of claims data showing shared use of medical services in a population served by hospitals and their medical staffs (Fisher, Shortell, Kreindler, Van Citters, and Larson, 2012).
Wu, (2014) promote the last method and create the set of circumstances for Medicare to set ACO payments to have hospital medical staff extended components describe empirically found on declares information.
The viewpoint of their proponents, there is a difference from historical managed care arrangements in ACOs predominantly HMOs since they are centered around providers ahead of insurers and usually are not detained at complete monetary peril for the price of health care. In an ideal world, ACO payment approaches will include improvements in quality of care measurement that take into account the range of service delivery ACOs are designed to provide. If legislated, nationally health reform could most likely include more or less research with ACO incentives. On November 7th , 2009 the United States House of Representatives passed, the Affordable Healthcare for America Act (H.R. 3962) which called for pilot payment incentive that would encourage ACOs in both Medicaid and Medicare, along with other policies on payments alterations and authorized demonstrations and pilots (Huntington, Covington, Center, Covington, and Manchikanti,
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