The Future Of Sexuality Education : A Plan For All Age Levels

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The Future of Sexuality Education: A Plan for All Age Levels Over the last 50 years there has been an extreme societal shift in both the moral compass and the sexual behaviors of people; especially in the United States. The attitudes that were once held are much more relaxed than ever before. This has forever changed the landscape of sexual behavior on both ends of the age spectrum. Thanks to television and the media, young people and exposed to sex at younger and your ages. Children as young as nine and ten are having sex. In addition, thanks to the pharmaceutical industry and drugs like Viagra, seniors are engaging in risky behaviors too. This is why it is so important have an adaptable curriculum to educate children and re-educate adolescents and adults of all ages on sexuality issues. However for the purposes of this paper, we will only focus on a potential curriculum for elementary, middle, high school aged children and young adults. The cross sections of topics that must be covered should include Anatomy & Physiology, Puberty, Self-Image, Sexual Identity and Orientation, Interpersonal Relationships, Sexual Reproduction, and Sexually Transmitted Disease. We will attempt to break this down into levels. The first target population should focus on young children, ages 5 to 9 years old. While some would argue that this population is too young to understand the complexities associated with sexuality education, we can draw various real life examples to the
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