The Future Of The Current Healthcare Industry Trends

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Current Healthcare Industry Trends The future of US healthcare is one of the most constant question the country faces. The healthcare industry is a formation and culmination of clinicians and non-clinicians both, that provide diagnostic, preventive, remedial, and therapeutic services. As there is an increase in longevity amongst Americans, there is also an insistence for not only additional, but also improved preventive and long-term care. There are current trends in the healthcare sector that are emerging to meet the demands previously mentioned, such as: continuous opportunities for employment, patients are becoming more conscious, and personalized medicine. Continuous Opportunities for Employment There is a trend in the health care…show more content…
Consumers are more aware than ever before that change in their own behavior and lifestyle will have a major influence on their own health status. Public health and service announcements, community health education programs, and even television programs media print materials (e.g., newspapers and magazines) have improved consumer awareness.” (Patricia M Nugent, 2015). They are being instructed to be more effective in determining options for treatment. For most it proves to be a challenge, as some become terrified and others inundated. Making judgement on the best treatment options for one’s own health, can be burdensome, especially since medicine can become complicated. Others would rather allow providers to determine the best course of action, however more providers are resisting changing antiquated techniques. With the advancement of technology, patients are now becoming enlightened on how to maintain their own health. According to The Wall Street Journal, “[Researchers] are designing decision aids, for instance, that walk patients through different options, translating complicated medical jargon and statistics about risk into simple language and visual aids. They’re offering patients full access to their own medical records, including their doctor’s notes about them (Landro, 2017).” Since telemarketing is now a viable option, providers and other representatives can help guide patients in making the
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