The Future Of The European Union

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After the end of World War II in 1945, there was a motivation to promote and create unity between France and Germany to avoid future conflicts between these two powerful countries. It was this incentive that helped to shape and establish the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) back in 1951 and was also the foundation of the current European Union (EU) as we know it. Only two decades after its creation, the EU faces a very critical and somber moment in history. In recent years, the European Union has been challenged by a series of problems and crisis including slow economic growth and recession, the Greek debt crisis; the Ukrainian crisis, the ongoing migration and refugee crisis, the upcoming UK
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Also, the EU will create new institutions and agencies to deal better with the current crisis.
The second scenario is one where things do not change substantially. The EU will continue to function as it currently does without any significant changes or reforms and only offering standard and reasonable solutions to each crisis. In this scenario, the EU will try to deal with one problem at the time; the EU leaders will constantly be in fighting crisis “mode”. The EU strategy will be based on improvisation along with uncoordinated solutions. They will still continue to pursue integration through a series of joint policies, but at a very slow pace. One or more members may leave the European Union due to disagreements related to fiscal policies or security issues. In this scenario, terrorism and other threats will occur more often due to the lack of cooperation between countries within the Union. In ten years, the EU will keep facing its current social and economic problems due to the lack of organization and communication. In this scenario, demographic issues will start playing a major role since aging population will increase pressure on the public spending in the union.
The third scenario is the possibility of a breakup. Within ten years (or even less) the European Union could collapse and disappear. With more countries suffering economic hardship, the core countries (France and
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