The Future Of The Hoverboard Essay

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Arjun Tarsadia

D Block

Physical Science 8

18 November 2016

The Future of the Hoverboard

Research Question: Is it possible to make the hoverboard even more convenient by using extra wheels and more inventions?
Problem and Application: The new invention of the hoverboard has amazed people and this self balancing scooter is amusing. The hoverboard is a self balancing scooter that could be dangerous or hard to use. I think that people want to make the it easier to use and more convenient. It is important to make a new innovative hoverboard because the the original hoverboard causes many injuries and the new invention will prevent those injuries. Secondly, there is a huge problem in hoverboard safety issues because the internet has portrayed videos on people falling. The problem is more than significant because people are being taken to the hospital and companies are not selling because of the safety issues. It is more beneficial to have a safer design so there is no more injuries. A question that I will have testing the innovative hoverboard design is if I should add extra wheels to my design. Also I cannot touch the hoverboard 's technology so I will have to find a way to make it safer to use. However, the innovative self balancing scooter has some cons like blowning up across the globe and its durability on roads. There is no gas involved with the hoverboard and is eco friendly. An average hoverboard takes 3-4 hours to fully charge. It will help the
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