The Future Of The Human Race

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The future of the human race is terrifying to ponder about; not only does it raise many questions as to how the constant population growth will be handled, but it also causes natural resources to become more limited by the day. As human beings progress towards the future they will undoubtedly accomplish a myriad of feats. It is essential that one of such feats can solve the issues brought forth by the ever growing population of the human race. Furthermore, engineers must either generate new ways to sustain the increasing population, or they must develop systems to restrict the growth of population in general. It may even be possible for engineers to apply their work towards developing certain systems or technologies which can do such things as producing more clean drinking water, disposing of waste more efficiently, being more efficient with energy (such as oil and fossil fuels), etc. If present day engineers do not work quickly toward solving these problems, it could be catastrophic. The human race is running out of the required resources to sustain the current population, let alone the future population of the Earth at this rate. The population of people on the Earth is expected to reach 8 billion by 2024 and is projected to be 10 billion by 2056. (Worldometers, 2016). As the population will increase by billions in the next few decades, the human race will not be able to sustain such essential resources as oil, coal, and many other essential resources for human survival.
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