The Future Of The Social Security Program

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INTRODUCTION This report was written on November 20, 2015, by Brittney Bowman, using sources from the VU library website. In this report, I will discuss the presently debated topic of the future of the Social Security program. I will do this by providing information on the history of the program, exploring the current standing of the program and its related uncertainty, and discussing the future of the program. The purpose of this report is to fulfill the business report assignment requirements by exploring the future of Social Security and what events have brought the program to where it is now. The problem with this issue is that due to conflicting information being reported, the current state of the Social Security program is unknown and is rumored to be running out of funds with the program reaching bankruptcy in the very near future. However, this is still debated upon between groups on whether the program is actually going broke. Regardless, the Social Security Program has been a very common source of income for retirees for nearly a hundred years and it will very soon need to be revitalized to accommodate growing need and demand. HISTORY OF SOCIAL SECURITY PROGRAM The Social Security Act was passed on August 14, 1935 and was established to provide income security to those of old age. Social Security income is paid based on the past employment history of the eligible person and the amount they had contributed to the program during their time working. Before this
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