The Future Of Us China Relations Essay

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“China Rising” is a non-arguable fact and the one of the most important subject in the twenty-first century. The rise of China is a relative threat to the neighbor regions or other great powers. Further, some scholars also comment that China either will replace or has already superseded the United State as the world’s only superpower. China’s growth is too rapid and massive that other nations have limited or no opportunity to compete with it. By using international relations theories to analyze US-China relations, there are three main stream theories commonly using to explain this case: Realism, Liberalism, and Constructivism. In addition, in the article “The Future of US-China Relations” composed by Aaron L. Friedberg, professor of politics and international affairs, he comments that people predict US-China relations with two different views – optimistic or pessimistic. However, which international relation theory applies this political phenomenon the best is still debatable. This paper will argue that the conflicts between the two nations are normal while China is growing, because the conflicts are derived from different perspectives. Pessimistic realism and optimistic liberalism are two main points that will be addressing when approach to this critical issue. Finally, the main argument in this paper is to show why pessimistic realism will eventually prove to be accurate and true to explain the future of US-China relationships. When encounter the issue of US-China
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