The Future Of Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality is a virtual environment created by use of technology which has enabled the creation of real experiences into our brains and senses. It fills in the gaps that are presented by other modes of communication by making it possible to use technology to create real experiences in the human life. Virtual reality is experienced in different fields and its future is dictated by its performance. Programmers have developed virtual reality devices based on the materials that conjure dreams in human beings. Professionals and scientists have been involved for years, developing and implementing the virtual reality in ways that enable them to use and provide development in myriad situations. This has enabled remove the ambiguity that words have presented. Grossman (2016) stated that: VR 's survival will become necessary in the future. That is the purpose I do this literature review: reveal the future of virtual reality. (p.23) This paper seeks to find out how we can better the future of virtual reality. It is premised o the importance of virtual reality in the modern world. It argues that virtual reality is a good medium of knowledge transference. A comparison with the use of words to convey meaning shows that words are ineffective at conveying meaning. This is because they are a low-bandwidth and also an unrealizable medium of transferring knowledge. It is premised on the fact that virtual reality could change the way people live and therefore it is important that…
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