The Future Of Workforce During America

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The Future of Workforce in America
The origin of the industrial revolution, which later made America the greatest economy in the world, had its roots in America’s advanced position in science and innovation. Ford’s Assembly line is one such example of innovation; it resulted in mass-production and made America the largest manufacturing country in the world. Manufacturing industries than became the foundation of economic growth, and provided jobs to many Americans and immigrants. United States retained its position as the the largest manufacturing country for over a century, but in 2009, China became the leading producer of manufactured goods. Unfortunately, losing the position of top producer to China, impaired US economy. Thus, weak economy, off shoring and automation have jeopardize the future of American workforce. However, there is still hope. Since, science and innovation were the foundation of America’s prosperity, they will also be the source of its restoration. Hence, the solution lies in training the workforce in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), increasing basic and applied research, and increasing high school and college literacy, along with government tax and trade policies.
Offshoring is one of the reasons behind the recent unemployment hikes. Roughly 3 million jobs were offshored in 2015 alone (“Number of U.S jobs moving offshore”). Simply put, offshoring is when a company decides to purchase products or services from a third party; usually
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