The Future Of Zoos During The World Of Activists ' Attacks

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The Future of Zoos In the Midst of Activists’ Attacks
In an increasingly threatening environmental crisis, zoos are participating in the conservation of species. The biodiversity of the animal and plant worlds is being deeply affected, on the one hand by the disruption of ecosystems caused mainly by climate change and deforestation, and on the other hand, by the globalization of trade, travel, transport, and tourism. These two factors are increasingly reducing animals’ habitats and endangering many species (Keulartz 336). Even in the face of the environmental serial destruction, animal protectionist and wildlife conservationist activists criticize zoo’s efforts to protect the animals they house. The ways zoos progresses in the future to
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The Doctor Chris Parsons, former Director of the Society for Conservation Biology, explains animal welfare groups accept the use of animals for some human interests like clothing, food, recreational need, or scientific experiments, as long as the animal is free of stress and pain . The influential groups, the Humane Society and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, recognize on their website some zoos are beneficial to animals supporting conservation programs, participating in the preservation and restoration of endangered species, and promoting education about the importance of wildlife. However, this statement holds under certain conditions. First, the Humane Society recommends zoos to be organized around “a core mission that educates the public about the needs of the animals and the threats they face”. Also, zoos should provide animals with humane care and adapted to their physical, social and psychological needs. Finally, ASPCA indicates, zoos should “participate in tightly controlled breeding programs” and their display “should stress the themes of endangered species, wild habitat destruction and reduced biodiversity”. Unfortunately, many zoos are not falling under this description, but they can act on several factors in the intent to work towards the animal welfare activists’ demands.

Human treatment of captive animals and their
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