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The Tremendous Potential of DNA Fingerprinting Abstract; This paper explors the effects DNA fingerprinting has had on the trial courts and legal institutions. Judge Joseph Harris states that it is the "single greatest advance in the search for truth since the advent of the cross examination (Gest, 1988)." And I tend to agree with Judge Joseph's assertion, but with the invention and implementation of DNA profiling and technology has come numerous problems. This paper will explore: how DNA evidence was introduced into the trial courts, the effects of DNA evidence on the jury system and the future of DNA evidence in the trial courts. Any new technology being introduced into the scientific community is ususally received…show more content…
(Frye v. United States,293 F.2d at 1014.) The Frye standard has allowed the trial courts to answer the question of admissibility of DNA evidence. And although the trial courts allege to listen to the opinion of the scientific community, they reached their own consensus which allowed for the admissibility of DNA evidence in the trial courts. Although DNA evidence has been used in trial courts since 1986 it was not until April of 1992 that the Committee on DNA Technology in Forensic Science under the sponsorship of the National Academy of Science (NAS) gave its report that endorsed the forensic use of DNA. Although they endorsed DNA as a science they also qualified there endorsement by stating that it needed to have " quality control, standardization, oversight and the collection of further data on which to base its statistical calculations of profile frequencies ( Billings 64)." It would be remiss not mention the use of DNA fingerprinting in the OJ Simpson trial. The OJ Simpson trial will be remembered as one of the greatest murder trials to present DNA evidence. Many suggests that what we learn from this trial is that juries are not willing to convict based on DNA evidence alone. Although in many other cases a juror commented that " you can't argue with science (Neufeld and Colman 1990)." Either

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