The Future Starts Today, and Not Tomorrow by John F. Kennedy

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President JF Kennedy quote, is the summary of today’s business challenging environment. This has been the case from the dawn of time, as human beings seek liberality and progress by nature and change is key success factor for both desires. And success was always destined for those who could forecast the future and adapt to the wind of changes. Yet recent years has hit the business world with an unprecedented speed and intensity. The forces shaping our world today are immense, complex, surprising and challenging. The intensity of this change is so immense, that as Pope John Paul II, “The Future Starts Today, and Not Tomorrow”. Governance and the adaptation to build trust, since the biggest casualties of the global financial crisis have been trust and confidence. Both private companies and public institutions now attract much greater scrutiny. They’re expected to explain their business practices, disclose key relationships, justify their remuneration models, discuss their succession plans and make a wider contribution to society. The ability to innovate is now a top priority for companies everywhere – and technology plays a vital role. It underpins most business processes, provides new ways of interacting with customers, generates new insights about unmet needs and facilitates the development of new products and services. Operations are seeking to build flexible operations system. As market conditions shift and competitive pressures intensify, so companies have to adopt

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