Essay about The Future of Biopsychology-Obesity

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Social factors, including poverty and a lower level of education, have been linked to obesity. One reason for this may be that high-calorie processed foods cost less and are easier to find and prepare than healthier foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits. However, the link between low socioeconomic status and obesity has not been conclusively established, and recent obesity research shows that childhood obesity, for instance, is also increasing among high-income groups. The best methods of obesity treatment are dieting and physical exercise. Obese people should adjust their diet to reduce fat and sugar consumption, and increase dietary fiber. Anti-obesity drugs can also be effective in conjunction with a healthy diet, reducing one’s appetite and/or fat absorption. Some obese people require stomach or bowel reduction surgery in order to lose weight. The smaller stomach allows them to consume less food and still feel full. Obesity is a leading worldwide cause of preventable death, and authorities view it as one of the most serious health problems of this century. While in some cultures, obesity is a sign of prosperity and childbearing, in the Western world, it is frequently viewed negatively. While whether to consider obesity as its own separate disease is a matter of some debate, it is certainly a factor in many physical and mental ailments. Obesity is associated with angina, myocardial infarction and between 21 and 34% of

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