The Future of Cloud Computing

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The Future of Cloud Computing
Kristin Graham
INF103: Computer Literacy (PTE1438B)
Instructor: LaMeika Gupton
October 20, 2014

The future of computing is slowing turning to the cloud. Eventually, most individuals and companies will be utilizing the cloud. Businesses can use high quality cloud computing, grow as needed, without having to spend a lot of capital. Cloud computing offers the flexibility of meeting on demand computing needs along with system availability, performance and security features. Cloud computing is faster and less expensive as they would only pay for what is used. Cloud computing is a method for hosting and delivering applications and data.

Information resides in the cloud with
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This report included 9 security risk that may pertain to cloud computing including issues of possible data loss or leakage, account hijacking, and malicious actions of internal staff members. (p. 739) Another issue with cloud computing is that some programs including games, especially 3D programs are too complicated to be run without having been installed on the user’s computer.
Internet outages would render all cloud business inaccessible. This would be an inconvenience to the individual user but for the corporate world an outage could be catastrophic.
According to Raphael, (2011) there have been some notable cloud outages in the past and InfoWorld discussed the "10 worst cloud outages." Number one on the list was when "Amazon Web Services goes poof." This occurred in April 2011 when a routine configuration change caused a problem at Amazon's Northern Virginia data center. The result, according to InfoWorld, was that the system went "totally nutso." A series of problems had spiraled out of control, eventually shutting down most of Amazon's data centers in the eastern United States. The outage lasted for four days, and while no data was lost, access was suspended. There were several other notable outages that virtually brought their business to a standstill.
Despite these outages, enthusiasm for clouds is very prevalent and Amazon is not the only iron in this fire. Here is a list of just a few of the top 25 cloud companies
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