The Future of Computer Science Essay

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The Future of Computer Science Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Systems are international qualifications, enabling people to work globally, and in a very broad variety of roles. There is steady growth in demand for technically adept and flexible IT graduates. Declining student enrollment, while growth continues in law, medicine, biology, economics, and business; the decline among women is particularly alarming (Klawe and Shneiderman 27). Computer science is now a part of everyone’s daily life through the innovations and technologies it enables. From transforming health care to enabling a more robust national defense, computer science is on the forefront of discovery, driving economic growth and transforming our…show more content…
As a government, it requires its ability and being able to express the reality completely for all people. They should release the power from the previous level supervising authority and verify the lawful financial information. Ideally, this suggestion can avoid the financial crisis based on the failure of credit department. From research and development investors’ point of view, even though the U.S. fiscal deficits year after year, but research funding has continued to increase (28). Nowadays, the financial crisis has got more severed. Thinking of the investment banks have performed the significantly technical positions in the financial history. Banks help raising money for the new company, and the product that they buy is raising comprehension of investors' interest in technology companies. Despite of the global financial depression, high-tech industries’ profits are still rising. As we live in the 21st century, development of science and technology grow very quickly. As far as I have known the field of computer application continuously expanding, and the rapid development of science and technology. It has become necessary in various areas of the goods. Perhaps in the near future, we carry the computers, cell phones and other digital products is not the way with the hands in pocket. Lohr claims that computer science is “young
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