Essay about The Future of Cyborgs

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The Future of Cyborgs

Terminator and Bladerunner, portrayed cyborgs or cybernetic organisms as creatures of destruction. Are they really as horrible as the movies make them out to be? They can be more useful than perceived; it is necessary to first perfect the technology involved in creating and operating them. In this paper, I will describe how these cyborgs work and how they are portrayed in the movies. Furthermore, I will explain the helpful ways that they are expected to perform in the future.

Cyborgs are a very complex creation of the future. The general concept is that they cannot be recognized as non-humans. Although it has a programmed mission, this unit thinks and reacts on its own. The understructure is made of a very
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In the following scenes, you can see the complex design and circuitry of the cyborg. He is then blown into many pieces, but still his intact torso claws its way toward its target. Finally, he is destroyed by a metal stamp, which crushes him. This perseverance shows that cyborgs are very strong, nearly indestructible creations.

In the movie Bladerunner, the cyborgs were less distinguishable from humans. The cyborgs in this movie were referred to as replicants. They represented a computer mind implanted into a human body. They were created to be slaves in the New World. They were designed to live only four years in length. This was all before there was an uprising and many of them escaped. Those who did not escape were kept under tight surveillance and lived out their four years. The others that escaped were hunted down by the bladerunners. The reason the replicants were such a threat is that their life span was only four years.

They plundered and killed to try to get an extension on their life. They performed all this horrible actions in vain because there was no way to extend their life. When caught, they were retired, which was what their execution was called. The Replicants were extremely difficult to recognize. They had to be put through a series of tests and questions to determine if they were replicants. The key to recognition was in the eyes. As you can see by their portrayal in these two movies, cyborgs were evil creatures that were nearly
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