The Future of Education Essay

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The Future of Education

In about thirty years, I will probably be sending off a child of my own to a university. There will be many changes in the way a public university will operate in three decades. These changes will be similar to the ones that occurred from the time my parents attended college to the time that I am now furthering my education at college. The same basic format of living on campus, going to classes, and partying will be followed, but getting the instruction and getting to college will go on in a different manner. The main areas of change that I foresee will be in the process of how students get to college, on-campus living, and the most, in use of technology.

More and more students are now pursuing a
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There will be tighter control on issues like alcohol, smoking, and vandalism. Residency halls will become more open to members of the opposite sex living closer and closer together in the same halls. This will come due to the continued degradation of morals and religion in our society. People are always feeling like their feet are getting stepped on by regulations and laws. Rules tend to disappear when a person’s supposed “rights” are violated. Different regulations will show up in their places, and this will be a continuing cycle. More college students will possess automobiles; therefore, parking will be either increased or it will become more competitive through auctions or reserved spaces. The use of cars on campus though, will not increase. Walking will still be the transportation of choice, but universities will become more bicycle friendly by providing better secure and more bicycle storage facilities. The use of technology will rapidly increase in universities everywhere as it already has. Computers will be required and even provided by some universities, and they will be used in every classroom. Internet access will be around every corner, and there will be instruction provided to all students in PC usage and manipulation. The use of the Internet and PC’s will be integrated into every facet of a college education, but not all the time, because some work and teaching doesn’t always need to be done with the aid of a computer. The
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