The Future of Graphic Design Essay

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According to a poll question that was conducted in 2012 by, about 93% of Graphic Designers agreed to the statement that the Graphic Design industry is in bad shape and do not know where the discipline is headed. The root of Graphic Design is communication of an idea through art or graphics. And it has been in human history for the longest time, from cave drawings to hieroglyphs and from physical prints to the digital media. It has become a well-established industry but many of those who have been working as graphic designers for years see that it is heading nowhere, and that it has sustainability issues. But because the industry is adaptable, has economic advantages and because there is a great need of appealing and…show more content…
They also feel that “Graphic Design fails to register as a necessary activity in the radar of key areas of society and businesses.” (Poynor). They say that since the development and sale of new technology and new programs such as the Creative Suite, there would be no need for Graphic designers as other people can do what Graphic Designers do for a living but for a cheaper cost. Those who are in the industry are starting to doubt if the industry is still needed. But in actuality, Graphic Designers are still considered as an important industry by society and as well as other industries. Graphic Designers are very adaptable to their environment. And Graphic Designers are trained to be problem solvers. It has some economic advantage, and can be recession-proof. Lastly the graphic design industry is a business oriented creative industry. Graphic Designers are adaptable to their ever changing environment. It seems as if it is natural for Graphic Designers to be able to conform with the times. The industry is well accustomed and does make use of technology. Technology will always develop and become better, and the same goes for the industry. As technology advances, as new programs are made, Graphic Design conform with these developments, creating new techniques and ways to be able to communicate an idea. Back then designers would use the print media which are physical copies of the work made by hand, today there are programs in which majority of graphic
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