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The Future of Life

In the book The Future of Life, Edward O. Wilson tells us environmentalism is a large-scale lesson in sacrifice. Some people will think when humans protecting the environment, they always need to give up something. When humans need to protect an endangered species, some people will lose their money, jobs and even their home. People will think the Earth's gain is human's lost and stop to protect the environment. However, they forget humans are themselves a part of nature. Humans cannot survive without the natural environment. Wilson follows with a cogent outline of how the environmental crisis is threatening the Earth, focusing on the rapid destruction of species we have not even begun to classify. He points out
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If humans want to solve the problem, 12 percent of land should be set aside to protect nature environment. Moreover, humans should reduce global consumption and production; otherwise the resources will run up soon.
Overpopulation and environmentally ignorant development are destroying natural habitats and biological diversity. Hawaii is a good example of how human beings destroy natural habitats and eliminate other species. Before the arrival of humanity, Hawaii was biologically diverse and unique. There were at least 125 and as many as 145 species of birds that could be found there. However, now there are only 35 of the original species of birds still alive, and 24 of them are endangered. (Nature's last stand) The developments and human activities destroyed the natural habitat, and only one quarter of the land remains untouched. Humans transform forest into farms and houses. Many species disappeared since they lost their living place. Moreover, the immigration of non native species was another reason for habitat destruction. Humans carried non native species to Hawaii. Those non native species do not have any predator and competitor, so they can develop their population rapidly. Those non native species also rippled up the food chain; they have reduced the food sources of the native species which lead to the disappearance of the native species.
The Domestic pig and house cat are good examples of how non native species

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