The Future of Management Essay

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Abstract Management development strategies of many organizations seemed to converge in the nineties. We thought the world would stay on a standstill when the millennium loomed. The new word on the street was “Y2K.” So what are the concerns for the current state of management development, and what we expect for the future to hold? This paper will tackle such issue. The Future of Management Companies are geared into increase in efficiency and productivity, better choice of goods, more competitive prices, faster execution and better resource allocation. What was true then, will still hold true in the future, except it just may double up. Obviously, ideas like these contributed to the call for far better business management. Method Changes…show more content…
Overtime, the functions of management evolved and became four. As times change and lifestyles change, the functions of management will change in order to serve the greater good. As was mentioned earlier, it will change but not dramatically. It will contain the same basic principles as it did before.      Management and Leadership. As managers are relearning the rules of engagement in management, you will see more of them being effective leaders. Being a leader does not necessarily mean you are an effective leader. The same philosophy goes with effective management and leadership. Management encompasses the use of the four functions of management. Dessler (2003) said, “that the manager’s job is changing so fast some are not comfortable with just the word manager. To some it implies subordinates.” Then he went on to say that managers with the “old style” are a thing of the past. If a manager is to be stubborn and manage using the old ways, he or she will not get very far. Managers need to realize that employees have more rights and are more vocal now than ever before. They need to embrace effective leadership. Leadership, simply stated, is the process of influencing and directing people towards the accomplishment of a goal or objective. On the other hand does not necessarily mean they are leading a group or people or an organization. They could simply be individuals with a “vision” and the drive to motivate people. But in order for management

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