The Future of Networking from Mobile Devices

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AO5 Research and explore possible future developments of the Internet Global Environment for Networking Investigations (GENI) initiative Geni is a research programme, which is run by the National Science Foundation (NSF), which was a significant development in the early years of the internet. Its aim was to resolve the current problem in distributed networking, of which the internet is an integral element. They are building their own version of the internet on which to test and experiment so that they can try to revolutionary ideas of which have not been considered or tested previously. Experiments of this size and complexity require the backing of a large research organisation such as the NSF to make them possible. Pervasive…show more content…
This development would be a great advantage since the demand for mobile phones has increased and people are requiring better-improved services to suit their everyday needs, therefore VoIP would offer better call and Internet services. Overall, I feel that this development is not too far off and with the rate of development on wireless mobile Internet connection it would soon become possible and many people can start to benefit from such phones either for social or work related use. My predictions Looking at today’s technology, you can probably get a clear incite of the future for the internet. Quit a lot of thing could be addressable, and may be available to connect to IP network bases. From the research, which I have done, and the data, which I had collected, there are two major challenges, which have to overcome. Firstly, the fact is that, there are 14 networks’ that coexists, and the other challenge is that, the size of the internet of things relates to the first challenge. The industry of IT are have some problem, from their experience in developing systems, they can find a way, in which to connect millions of objects, are able to connect to an IP network. Other information which I have analysed and compared, and in my own words, it’s says a range of
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