The Future of Nursing

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FUTURE OF NURSING * SUTHA FERNANDO – DATE: 12-23-2012 GRAND CANYAN UNIVERSITY ABSTRACT The Institute of Medicine has thoroughly analyzed the Future of Nursing and submitted report. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is a nonprofit organization that works independently, provides unbiased and authoritative advice to general public as well as government. In this essay we would discuss about the significance of report and recommendations of IOM. In 2010 the IOM has advised the Government and the public by submitting an action -oriented blueprint and a detail report about the future of nursing in the country. The report has insisted the suitable changes needed for implementations. The IOM’s report on ‘Future of Nursing’ has…show more content…
Since the practicing rules vary from state to state they are unable to practice to their full extent, which limit them to discharge complete nursing practices. The IOM report suggests the legislators to make necessary amendments for Medicare & Medicaid Services and to enable the nurses to extend their practices. Change in leadership: The IOM particularly points out the need for strong and capable leadership of nurses. The report says that the professional nurses must produce leaders at every level of the system and accept primary leadership positions in politics and organizations. The implementation of health care reformation expects that the nurses must exhibit leadership capacity and high-level collaborative skills in formulation of policies as well as in nursing practices. The nurses should prove their potentialities for contemporary, advancing high-quality patient care at every stage. IOM says that acquiring leadership qualities from the beginning to the end of the nursing profession is very crucial to achieve the affordable health care to everyone in the challenging socio economic situation. The report clearly calls each nurse to take responsibility to attain leadership qualities to plan, implement and be a mentor of the society. Nurses should see themselves as critical leaders in decision making and adopting new policies to meet the prevailing
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