The Future of Online Shopping

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The future of online shopping: Welcome to the matrix? Shopping online is about to blow up. Retailers of all types are increasing product offerings, adding in-store pickup, free shipping and testing social media. "It's getting harder to tell pure play Internet retailers from the bricks and mortar shops with online portals, and all of them are reinventing how we'll shop online in the future" (Heller, 2011). Whether it is by way of a mobile device, tablet computer, in-store kiosk or computer, the lines are getting fuzzy and the result is thought to be good and bad for customers. Source: Guy, 2011. A great deal of this activity and expansion is the roundabout result of new legislation that is requiring Internet retailers to collect sales tax. There already are twelve states with laws either on the books or awaiting authorization, and there is even talk of passing a law at the national level. There's no telling when, or even if the legislation will go into effect, but there's also no turning back the tide. It will happen and online shoppers will be required to pay sales tax. But the idea of an even playing field has encouraged traditional retailers, a lot of whom are becoming more forceful in capturing online sales. The trend is seeing many retailers launch free shipping on all items or at the very least on purchases over a certain amount. Walmart is buying the social media platform Kosmix for $300 million and opening up @Walmartlabs in order to continue to build its
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