The Future of the Arctic Is in Our Hands

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Preface The arctic is facing today drastic climate changes that, together with technological development will in the near future disclose the Arctic's economic potential. We, the people of Greenland, believe that the inhabitants of the Arctic should be the first to benefit from the economic opportunities the Arctic will bring. As historical inhabitants of the Arctic it is our responsibility to make it a peaceful and rich region ensuring at the same time the safeguard of its environment. The future of the Arctic is in our hands. Kridneh Gnireeh, prime minister of Greenland. Introduction The Arctic has been warming faster than any other region on the planet: Greenland's ice sheet has experienced a steady melting and will along with the Arctic's ice caps contribute to the rise of the global sea levels. Climate change will affect the natural environment enabling the exploitation of oil, gas and minerals, the melting of the Arctic ice caps will open new and more cost efficient trading routes namely the Northern Sea route and the Northwest Passage, in which Greenland will play a strategic role due to its geographical location. The warming of the seas will permit Greenlandic fisheries to expand their activities by locating new fishing grounds further north. In 2009 Greenlanders voted in favor of the Self-Goverment Act which transferred more powers from the Government of Denmark to the local Greenlandic government, among these the right to administrate mineral resource
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