The Future of the European Union Essay

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The Future of the European Union

The link between internationalization, governance and democracy is a central problem for politics as well as for political science. Even if clear evidence on the nature of this link is not yet available, the literature seems to support the view that internationalization both undermines the capacity for governance and puts into question traditional forms of democracy. Because it could be quite complicated to look at the EU model from a point of classical democratic nation-state, it seems to be reasonable to discuss this problem, not by abstract reasoning, but by focusing on a concrete case. European Union is the best case available, which in recent decades has developed
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The final part consists of an overall assessment of the EU's possible development. The EU is a Dynamic Multi-level System. Not only in political science but also in legal science, sociology and economics basic concepts and theories rely on a traditional concept of the state. In this reasoning, there are national political systems which take the form of a universally competent state as a powerful central organ on the one hand and international relations taking place in the absence of central authority on the other hand; there is public law on the one hand and public international law or private international law governing the collisions of domestic legal systems on the other hand; there is national society as the level of social integration and world society as the level of system integration; there are national economies which allow for an intentionally created order on the one hand and the world market which is governed at best by “spontaneous order” on the other hand. If already by the choice of fundamental theoretical notions the member states on the one hand and the European Union on the other hand are considered as two separate political systems which are only linked by the Council of Ministers, changes in this system easily disappear from our view. As a consequence, analytical models of the integration process consider the question of whether it overcomes or strengthens

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