The Fuzzy Family Member : Where Are We Going?

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Luke Schmidt

Ms. Claes


22 September 2015

The Fuzzy Family Member

"Where are we going?" I asked. "You 'll see soon," replied my dad. "But I want to know now!" whined my little brother. My brother was only five years old, and had the attention span of a fly. When we stopped, my brother had already fallen asleep, and probably forgot about the whole thing. By the time that we got to our destination, it was already dark and it was hard to make out what was across the street. We walked up the cracked driveway of a house, and turned onto the brick pathway leading up to the front door. There were vines climbing up the side of the house, sprawling in every direction looking like a spider web. There were neatly trimmed bushes, all across …show more content…

"That 's Cesar, he 's probably one of the most playful." the man stated. He talked to my dad as if he knew him. Are they friends? I wondered. They seemed to talk like they knew each other from a long time ago.

As we walked around the same corner that Cesar just recently tore around, two teenage girls came into view. Both seemed to be either Juniors or Seniors in High School. One of the teenagers were leaning against the counter in the kitchen, and the other was playing with Cesar using a ball toy. Thump! Thump! Thump! The ball slammed around all over the kitchen floor. Cesar trailed right behind, following the toy and slamming into everything the ball did. Cesar was making a smiling face and his tail was going a hundred miles an hour, slamming into everything in its radius. The girl sitting on the floor with the toy asked me, "Do you want to try?" I replied hesitantly, "Sure." I was to little to have any memories of our first dog Wiley, so this was the biggest dog I could remember being around. When I started to play with Cesar, I forgot all about being nervous. Cesar was running all over, and it was so funny I completely forgot about my fear.

"Do you want to see the other ones?" asked the man. "Sure. Let 's go check them out." replied my dad. We left Cesar back in the kitchen with the two teenagers, and went into what seemed to be a garage. There were four cages lined up in a row, three of the four cages

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