The Gada System And The Ethiopian Government System

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Before Gada system has been prohibited under various ruling Ethiopian governments. The existing sources witness that the Borana Gada system served as the basis of democratic and egalitarian political system; under it the power to administer the affairs of the nation and the power to make laws belong to the people. Gada system is an indigenous Oromo’s socio political system encompassing or involving: cultural, political, economic, and religious events of the
Oromo people based on traditional ideas of principles in which power is distributed, balanced, circulated, controlled and restricted among its institutional columns. The Oromo clans who invaded the Ethiopian Empire in the 13th century began to become sedentary in the Ethiopian fertile highland. Subsequently, they gave up Gada system and especially some of the clans who immigrated into Southwestern Ethiopia established a government by a monarchy same as their neighbours. The vestige of Gada system survives in the clans of Borana in southern Ethiopia.

Gada system has been prohibited Under various ruling governments. The fact is that
Ethiopianists had never existed in a democratic society. That has been the main reason they buried Gada System in their homestead when the other part of the world institutes this huge asset indigenous to the Oromo people. The American Constitution (aka the law of the land) is about people. However, the Gada system goes above and beyond. The Oromo Gada system is the law
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