The Gagosian Gallery

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The Gagosian Gallery in London is a space that really complimented the work of Ed Ruscha, and artist that currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Extremes and In-Betweens is an exhibition I visited recently when in London. I have chosen to discuss this Artist and exhibition in particular due to the great impact the work itself had on me when I viewed it. Upon entering the galleries reception you are immediately greeted with three of Ruscha’s Acrylic on Museum board paper pieces. Picturesque Art works with great relationship between landscape and text that really invite you to further explore the gallery and what it has to offer. The Gallery itself feels vast due to its high ceilings and white walls that really open the space…show more content…
He varies from the use of dark tones to light earthy ones of which negative text will sit on and make a statement. Text that is put on the canvas tends to interplay with a background, the way two things effect each other can be very impactive. When applied it tends to be placed in a way where it is either ascending or descending. He wants to promote the words more as an object rather then a simple piece of text. Some of his pieces incorporate directional markers that contrast straight lines and curvature. This style of working is one of many techniques Ruscha has used over his career that has lasted more than five decades. Some examples of techniques he practices are drawing, painting, film making, print making, publishing and photography. Everything is his own design. His art is elegant and iconic and is highly associated with the pop art movement. His intention is to leave people who view it confused, questioning the meanings behind his pieces, he say himself “Showing work in a gallery is not an easy thing to do because you're kind of putting yourself out there”. I personally feel that he has achieved leaving viewers in question, his work is intreating and I personally want to know more about it. I really enjoyed viewing Ed Ruscha’s work, I find him to be a very influential and inspiring artist. When looking into him I became very fascinated with his use of text, it can have such a big impact and make a great difference to a canvas. He does a great job of capturing the viewers attention, leaving them asking questions and wanting to find out more about each individual piece he
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